3 Tips to Get Affordable Car Insurance Quotes

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Article by Justin Hopley

When you are a car owner, one of the important things that you are after besides getting car insurance is how to get affordable car insurance quotes for your insurance policy. This is essential because a lot of people want to save money and because they still want protection for their cars, their best weapon is to get affordable quotes. Most people have been complaining that they are stuck in a policy that allows them to pay expensive premiums every month when their policy doesn’t actually suit all their needs.

Most of the time, car insurance costs vary depending on the type of coverage you want and other things such as the number of accidents you are involve, the number of tickets issued to you and your age. Apparently, no insurance companies will offer the same rate for two individuals because the rates are unique and are based from individual’s different situation and circumstances.

There are three basic ways on which you can get affordable quote for your car insurance. These are:

1. Buy the least expensive car to be repair.

When you are going to buy a new car, try to buy cars that aren’t expensive to repair. Look for domestically made cars rather than those foreign cars. When your car gets damage and you have to repair it, the parts might be bought in other countries and that would make your insurance company pays you more so in the process, they will also imposed higher quotes on you. Remember, a high performance domestically manufactured car can cost you less to repair than a cheaper lower performance equivalent from abroad.

2. Take all the options that you can.

This would normally reduce your quotes because you are considering all the options that will help you qualify for any discounts. For example, when you are choosing higher deductibles, the lower your premium rate will be. There are two reasons for this. One is that when you have to pay more for the accident, the insurance company will have to pay less. And secondly, when you pay higher deductibles, the insurance company will have the impression that you are confident with your driving and you won’t likely to be involved in an accident.

3. Compare quotes from 3 insurance companies.

Get insurance quotes from as many companies as possible or at least from 3 companies. Compare them and then choose the one that offers the cheapest quote. It is sometimes easy to negotiate affordable car insurance quotes from other companies especially if the company knows that you are getting quotes from others. But the best way for this is to go back to your regular auto insurance company and let them know that you have been looking around for cheap quotes and you will be surprised at the discounts they are going to offer you.

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